It's a Team Thing...

We're only as successful as the people we work with.

At the Markstone Group, we are experts in the art of collaboration. Whether you’re a real estate broker, an investor, a property owner, an engineer, a community planning consultant or you represent a municipality, we welcome you to learn more about our organization and find out why The Markstone Group is one of the most sought-after real estate developers in the Northeast.


At Markstone, we know that we have what real estate brokers want. We have a symbiotic relationship. When they have land or space to sell, we’re all ears. When we’re looking to develop land, we look to brokers for possibilities. We understand the challenges that they face in quickly changing markets, so we try to make transactions proceed as smoothly and as quickly as possible. When it comes to land, we do our due diligence so that we understand what we’re buying. Our goal is to move transactions along so that, in the end, everyone’s goals are met.

Property Owners

If you own a piece of land, we’ll become fast friends. When property owners feel that a parcel is a burden, we see possibilities and can cut through all the obstacles so that every piece of land eventually has potential for use.


When it comes to working with municipalities, it’s all about the relationship. We understand that every town has an agenda and community goals. At Markstone, we find that when we focus more on the community’s needs, we ultimately fulfill our own. We don’t push our agenda. Instead, we embrace yours and find a way to create a symbiotic relationship where we work together for the common good, bringing our innovative ideas to life. We work with municipalities to help them re-develop their master plans. We see the potential in areas that are deemed oppressive, areas that everyone would like to see developed. This is how our foresight becomes a community’s reality.

Community Planning Consultants

The Markstone Group always greets the opportunity to work with third parties hired by municipalities in an effort to re-write their master plan. Markstone has the collaborative mindset that allows all players to be successful. Whether it is an effort to update zoning or there are recommendations for proposed mixed-use development, Markstone is ready to take on all suggestions with an open mind and work with consultants for the benefit of the client and community.


At Markstone, we know that the road to success is paved with engineers. They are part of our team--Civil, Environmental, Structural and Electrical engineers all work together to make the magic happen. We call on experts in the field, such as hydrologists, to crack the codes of water flow and make sure that our projects are solid, reliable and without fatal flaws.


The Markstone Group in-house capabilities enable it to invest in a wide range of opportunities across all development stages. Markstone’s home team has the deep, multi-faceted expertise to oversee every detail of its projects, from deal sourcing to design and development as well as construction project management.
The Markstone Group offers a diverse mix of institutional and high-net-worth investors the opportunity to invest in real estate debt opportunities in key gateway markets. As experienced real estate developers and operators, The Markstone Group has the resources to significantly mitigate downside risk at various stages of the investment cycle–from upfront underwriting and superior due diligence capabilities–to completing a project in the event of default.