Industry Innovators with a Focus on the Ultimate Bigger Picture.

We are visionaries with foresight that’s centered on the grand scheme of development. Selectively acquiring promising raw land opportunities within every demographic, we follow up with all-encompassing, sophisticated land development, building construction and property management.
Our quality multifamily, senior housing and related projects empower property owners as well as future residents, while infusing robust life into the communities we help build.

Land Acquisition

We step in early to acquire strategic raw land, prior to any broker’s interest in it and before any environmental or other issues arise. We also partner with property owners, using creativity to facilitate comprehensive property rehabilitation.

Property Development

We do all necessary pre-development research, working alongside municipalities to obtain city-approved zoning, implementing strategic financing & transaction structuring, architecture & design planning and project construction that delivers a positive economic impact on the community.

On-Site Construction

Construction is based on innovative out-of-the-box thinking and a clear understanding of individual tenants and their lifestyle. Using our own construction team, we build with grade-A quality materials and cutting-edge technology while scrupulously keeping on-budget.

In-House Management

Our in-house management maintains accessible communication with tenants, sustaining consistently clean buildings, exceptionally pleasant surroundings, family-oriented amenities and overall meticulous upkeep.